Acrylics Workshop II

Published by Dorling Kindersley.

Now sold out (might be available at libraries or on ebay)

Improve your acrylics skills and become a better artist in 12 easy steps! Acrylics Workshop II is for the artist ready to build on their skills and try their hand at more advanced projects. Study acrylics materials and techniques, then move on to inspiring and achievable step-by-step projects that will help train your eye and develop your painting skills. Clear explanations of the principles of painting encourage you to tackle subjects ranging from landscapes to still lifes and portraits, while “building the image” illustrations provide at-a-glance overviews of the projects. Galleries of contemporary artwork demonstrate how successful artists approach different topics, with tips helping you to develop your personal style. Acrylics Workshop II brings a fresh approach to practical art, helping you to achieve the best results.

Making Waves : artists in Southwold

Ian Collins, 2005

How artists see East Anglian places

Green Pebble, 2010

How artists see People

Green Pebble, 2011

100 Women in 100 Words

Lexia Media